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Executive Leadership Coach Specializing in ADHD


I am a lifelong learner, so when my 9-year-old son was diagnosed with ADHD I sought to learn as much as I could about his neurodiversity.  I didn’t expect that quest for knowledge would reveal a deeper understanding of myself and lead to my own ADHD diagnosis!  For sixteen years, I have been on a journey to support my son and share the knowledge I have gained with friends, family, and sometimes complete strangers.  Amy Lehman Coaching is a milestone on this journey and an abundant expression of my desire to educate and empower individuals with ADHD and connect them to their authentic strengths.

As an ICF Professional Certified Coach (PCC), I have supported over 200 professionals and student leaders. I recently completed a 200 hour ADHD coach training program through the ADD Coach Academy (ADDCA) and will be applying for an Advanced Certified Coach Graduate (ACCG) credential.  I am a graduate of LeMoyne College (B.S. Biology) and Boston University (MBA Health Care Management).  


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